Wednesday 23 November 2011

The descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1800-1874)

Yet another Yorkshire chart will be added in the next website update.

This time for Richard HALSTEAD (1800-1874) and his wife Martha BROOK (1802-1868)

Richard was born in Stainland and married Martha, born in Longwood, on the 4 March 1821 at St Mary, Elland. They had 7 children

John HALSTEAD (1823-1897) married Harriet GLEDHILL (1823-1894) had 7 children
James HALSTEAD (1825-1896) married Rebecca GLEDHILL (1816-1884) had 1 child
William HALSTEAD (1829-1895 married Mary GLEDHILL (1832-1897) had 10 children
Mary HALSTEAD (1835-?) married Lewis FOX (1826-?)
Marth Ann HALSTEAD (1840-?) married Joseph WHITELEY (1841-?)
Samson HALSTEAD (1843-1900) married Hannah WALKER (1842-1911) had no children
Richard HALSTEAD (1845-1864)

Yorkshire Chart 41 will be added on the next website update

John Hanson

Thursday 17 November 2011

The descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1792-1846)

Whilst starting to add the details of the marriage certificates for 1881 that I have I noticed that there was another large family group in Lancashire.

They are the descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1792-1846) born somewhere in Lancashire (One of those annoying people who died before the 1851 census) and his wife Betty ? (1792-?). So far I have not been able to track Betty's date of death.

They had 9 children - the website current has only 8

Mary Ann HALSTEAD (1816-?)
Nancy HALSTEAD (1818-?)
Sophia HALSTEAD (1820-1883) married John ROTHWELL
Ellen HALSTEAD (1822-?) married John HINDLE
William HALSTEAD (1823-1897) married Hannah HEYS
Elizabeth HALSTEAD (1825-?) married Stephen HARGREAVES
Richard HALSTEAD (1826-1880) married Margaret TYSON
Jane HALSTEAD (1830-?) married James RATCLIFFE (was in the database as #8249)
Thomas HALSTEAD (1832-1865) married Jane ROBINSON

There are over 180 descendents in this new chart and it will be uploaded on the next website update

John Hanson

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Website Update

The latest version of the Halstead Research website has been loaded. This update has added

The marriages from the West Yorkshire Archives on Ancestry from 1874-1880
The marriage from the London Metroplitan Archives on Ancestry 1837-1880
The Cheshire Records Office Marriages from 1837-1910 on findmypast

Updates have been made to the following charts

Cumberland chart 18
Essex charts 19 and 23
Lancashire charts 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 22, 31 and 38
Miscellaneous charts 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 35
Yorkshire charts 22, 23, 24, 29, 36, 37 and 39

Last Saturday (12th November) I was lecturing at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and stayed with an old friend Peter Park. Whilst it has been a trip planed for some time it had not been thought possible to visit the archives as it had been closed for a while and not due to re-open till the end of the year. Two weeks ago I learnt that it was opening early.

I therefore went up to Preston earlier in the week and spent a day and a half in the records office. It gave me a chance to get the digital images of another 200 marriages from the Preston area, many of these are post 1910 and some as late as the 1950s. So yet more marriages to be transcribed and added to the database.

Friday 28 October 2011

Website Update

The latest version of the Halstead now includes the marriages from the West Yorkshire Archives on Ancestry from 1837 to 1873 and those from 1901 onwards as mentioned back in August.

A new chart Yorkshire chart 39 has been added with the details of the descendants Thomas HALSTEAD and his wife Alice NORMINGTON. They married at St Peter's, Leeds, Yorkshire on 15th April 1782 and over the next 24 years had 9 children - Mary, John, Titus, Robert, Richard William, Betty, Squire and Alice - all being baptised in Ripponden. So far two of these John HALSTEAD (1785-bef 1861) and Squire HALSTEAD (1802-1877) have been identified in the database but I am sure that evidence will eventually come to light to link the others. one of the problems with these names is that they are so common in HALSTEAD families and especially in that area.

I am already up to 1876 with the West Yorkshire marriages and had hoped to go onto the baptisms and burials but Ancestry have just released the parish records for Warwickshire and Dorset as well as releasing details from the Manchester City Council's Libraries, Information and Archives and the parish records for Cheshire. so more marriage to go through as these at the present time seem to be linking more of the database together.

John Hanson

Sunday 18 September 2011

The Cheesman's of Sussex

I have been contacted by John MOON whose Great Great Grandfather was Roger CHEESMAN and is descended from his first wife Phillis.

This has enabled me to expland on the details of Roger - it is interesting that most of his children from the second marriage to Mary Ann HALSTED appear to have died without marrying.

Perhaps I should make a point here that the research into the Halstead name and its variants doesn't stop when a woman marries out of the name neither does it only start when she marries into the Halstead name. It is just that we don't make a point of normally actively chasing it - if the information it offered it will be added

The revised tree will be included in the next website update

John Hanson

Website update

Since the last update I have included the full details of all marriages that I have the certificates for from 1856 to 1862 as well as updating the full details on these families at the same time.

In processing the marriages for 1861 for the West Yorkshire Archives on Ancestry I came across the marriage of John MARSH to Martha HOLSTEAD. The interesting thing with this marriage was the names of the witnesses as being Joshua HALSTEAD and Sarah Jane HALSTEAD. It just goes to show that it make sense to take notice of them.

Now Joshua HALSTEAD is not a common name in the HALSTEAD world and I knew that there was one in my brickwalls. This marriage is in Penistone the same village that Joshua's children Arthur Frederick (b1860) and Ada Josephine (b1862) were born. Joshua's father was a John HALSTEAD and Martha father was also a John HALSTEAD. Too much of a coincidence for me.

So a 10 year brickwall finally bits the dust.

As well as the addition of the marriages some 60% of the online charts have been amended in one way or another

John Hanson

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Website update

The latest release of the Halsted Research website has been released. This includes a large number of updates. It would have been released earlier had it not been for the fact that Ancestry UK released the baptisms, marriages and deaths from the West Yorkshire Records Office.

So this update includes:-
The full details of over 580 marriages that I have the certificates for have been added together with links to the "Certificates we have" page. There is a page on the website that has details of these as well as the birth and death certificates we hold copies of. There are lots more certificates to add but at present all the certificates from 1837 to 1855 and 1901-1921 are on line. I have also added on that page the details of the marriage certificates from the 1830-1837 that I have (these are all from the West Yorkshire area).

As with all family history you get certificates that you can't identify were they site in the family tree and a one-name study of this size is no exception. I have therefore added a new page to the site entitle "Unresolved marriages post 1837" If you can help to identify these people then I would be delighted to hear from you.

I complete refresh of all 37 charts - unfortunately none of them yet have been taken any further back but one of these days!.

The Plans for the next update including adding the certifactes for the period 1856-1900

John Hanson

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Website Update

The latest website update has been uploaded.

This includes a major new addition with start the details of certificates that I hold. So far the details of the births and deaths have been added.

I hold 217 birth certficates and 60 death certficiates

If you have a certificate that you are willing to let me have a copy of then my contact details are on the website

Next I need to update the details of the marriages but with some 535 certficates that may take a while!

Lots of other people have been updated but no signifcant new charts have been added.

For the complete list of the people that have been amended please see the Recent Changes page of the website

John Hanson

Thursday 31 March 2011

The family tree of James Halstead and Elizabeth LEAVER

As an addition to the blog of the 24th March 2011 about the family tree of James Halstead and Elizabeth LEAVER I discover yet another family that can be linked into the tree.

This is the family of William HALSTEAD and Alice LANCASTER who currently appear as the progenators of Lacnashire Chart 6. They will be incorporated into Chart 10 and chart 6 will be removed.

This brings the total number of people in chart 10 to over 500.

John Hanson

Thursday 24 March 2011

The family tree of James Halstead and Elizabeth LEAVER

Whilst investigating another family I discovered a granddaughter Deborah SHACKLETON. Investigating in the family trees in Ancestry I found Deborah and the tree on Ancestry gave me the information to be able to take the tree of James HALSTEAD (1818-1878) back a further two generations as well as linking many other families into the overall tree.

James is currently shown as the head of chart 10. The head of this chart now becomes William HALSTEAD (1750-1840). William married Agnes SAGER in 1773 and their known children are John, James and Peggy HALSTEAD

The revised chart 10 now has 250+ people and will be included in the next website update

John Hanson

Saturday 19 March 2011

The descendants of Robert HALSTED (1740-1815) and Mary ATKINSON (?-1819)

Extensive work has taken place on the descendants of Robert HALSTED (1740-1815) and Mary ATKINSON (?-1819) who are the progenitors of Lancashire Chart 3. They had 6 children

1 John HALSTED (1764-1823) married Sarah CAWTHERY (1766-1820)
2 Betty HALSTED (1765-1825)
3 Robert HALSTED (1767-1848) married Ellen TATTERSALL (1766-1849)
4 Lawrence HALSTED (1771-1840)
5 William Anthony HALSTED (1773-1857) married Mary SHACKLETON (?-bef 1841)
6 Henry HALSTED (1777-1786)

This chart has over 400 people on it and will be updated on the next website update

John Hanson

The descendants of Thomas HALSTEAD and Martha

Work has been carried out of the tree of Thomas HALSTEAD (1807-1874) of Wiswell, Lancashire and his wife Martha ? (1808-1883) of Accrington. They married prior to 1829 and had 11children:-

1 James HALSTEAD (1829-1877) married Mary PARKER (1834-1872) and then Amelia BULCOCK
2 William HALSTEAD (1831-) married Margaret BENTLEY (1834-1867) and then Sarah GIBSON - no sign of William and Sarah can be found after their marriage in 1868
3 Betty HALSTEAD (1833-?) - Betty had two children before her marriage to James DEAN in 1879
4 John HALSTEAD (1834-1912) married Margaret DUXBURY (1837-1875) and on her death married Jane DODGEON (1841-1910)
5 Thomas HALSTEAD (1837-?) married Mary ROACH (1840-1870). No sign can be found of Thomas after the 1871 census
6 Moses HALSTEAD (1838-1912) married Eleanor Elizabeth BILLINGTON (1839-1892)
7 Nancy HALSTEAD (1841-?) married Ben TOWNEND (1829-?)
8 Mary HALSTEAD (1844-?) married James HOWARD (1848-?)
9 Edward HALSTEAD (1846-1894) - he never married
10 Margaret Alice HALSTEAD (1848-?) married Abraham KAY
11 Allen HALSTEAD (1851-1920) married Ellen GREENHAUGH (1852-1912). Ellen had previously been married to Henry FISHWICK (1856-1884)

A new chart number 38 has been added to the Lancashire Charts and will appear on the next website update

John Hanson

Sunday 6 March 2011

Another Yorkshire Chart

Work has been done on yet another extensive Yorkshire branch of the Halsteads.

This time it is the descendants of John Halstead (1794-1850) and his wife Fanny ? (1797-1871). They had 11 children

William HALSTEAD (1820-1896) married Betty NORTH (1821-1885) and then Mary Hannah OXLEY (1836-1911)
George HALSTEAD (1825-1903) married Sarah Ann HINCHCLIFFE (1825-1871) and then Elizabeth BERRY (1820-1902)
Ben HALSTEAD (1826-1875) married Jane WOOD (1831-?). Following Ben's death Jane appears on the 1881 census with her children Fred, Albert, Herman, Mary, Rachel and Ellen and then they emigrated to Ontario, Canada where they can be found.
Reuben HALSTEAD (1829-1870) married Mary Ann BRIERLEY (1834-1892)
Ann HALSTEAD (1831-?) married Jesse LITTLEWOOD (1832-?)
Rachel HALSTEAD (1833-1851)
Harriet HALSTEAD (1835-?) no trace can be found of Harriet after the 1851 census
Fanny HALSTEAD (1837-?) married Adam WARING (1829-?)
Allen HALSTEAD (1839-1932) first married Clarinda DAWSON (1839-1875), then on her death he married Frances MELLOR (1835-1904) and finally married Annie YATES (1861-1911) in 1905
Sarah Ann HALSTEAD (1841-?) married Jonathan TURNER (1837-?)
John HALSTEAD (1841-1842)

Chart 37 has been created for this family containing over 170 descendants and will appear on the next website update

Sunday 20 February 2011

Another Halstead Chart

Whilst sorting out the database following a query from Jenny Noake's on her Great Grandmother Emma Lavinia HALSTEAD who she has born in 1844. Extensive work has been done on the family of William HALSTEAD (1788-1861) and Rachel ? (1791-1864) but it trnaspires from a copy of her tree that she has sent that these aren't the right parents.

This is one of those instances where a census return can really help to resolve a family with similar childrens names and those of the parents. The correct Great Great Grandfather is still William HALSTEAD (1788-1861) but his wife is Rachel ? (1791-1864). Their daughter - again Emma Lavinia - is married to Tom NETHERWOOD and the couple are living with her parents in the 1881 census.

A new chart 36 has been added to the Yorkshire charts

John Hanson

Tuesday 15 February 2011

More new charts

More work has taken place on cleaning up the database and a  further three charts have been added.

Hamshire Chart 30 
the descendants of William Anthony HALSTED (-1778) - there are 60+ people in the chart including a number of prominant army and navy people.

Lancashire Chart 31
the descendants of James HALSTEAD (1783-1857) and Hannah TAYLOR (1806-1885) - there are 110+ people in the chart

Yorkshire Chart 32
the descendants of John HALSTEAD (1779-1866) and Susann ? (1791-1868) - there are 90+ poeple in this chart

Yorkshire Chart 33
the decendants of Edmund HALSTEAD (1799-1868) and Jane ? (1804-1851) - there are 85+ people in this chart

Yorkshire Chart 34
the decendants of Samuel HALSTEAD (1801-1857) and Hannah SHAW (1799-1882) - there are 85+ people in this chart

London Chart 35
the descendants of James HALSTEAD (b1790-b1841) and Elizabeth KNIGHT (1781-1850) - there are 120+ people in this chart
These charts will be included in the next website update
John Hanson

Saturday 29 January 2011

Website update

This latest website update includes updates from the following blogs

More Cumberland HOLSTEADs

In addition work has continued in cleaning up the database and a start has been made with the smaller counties that have interests in the UK census. In doing so a number of new charts have been created.

Yorkshire chart 19 containing the descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1798-1872) of Keighley, Yorkshire,  and his wife Sarah ? (1806-1885) of Bingley, Yorkshire.

Yorkshire chart 20 containing the descendants of John HALSTEAD (1794-18?) Gargrave, Yorkshire and his wife Sarah ? (1797-18?) of Burnley, Lancashire.

Sussex chart 21 containing the descendants of Thomas HALSTED (1801-1850) of Sussex and his wife Maria SEYMOUR (1800-1887) of Framfield, Sussex.

Lancashire chart 22 containing the descendants of Joseph HALSTEAD (1787-1857) of Marsden, Lancashire and his wife Ellen ? (1793-1864) of Marsden, Lancashire.

Essex chart 23 containing the descendants of Samuel Cook HALSTED (1785-1858) of Great Clacton, Essex, and his wife Alice ? (1785-1849) of Essex.

Essex chart 24 containing the descendants of John HALSTEAD (1806-1873) of Southminster, Essex, and his wife Ann WARREN (1801-1867) of Southminster, Essex.

Cheshire chart 25 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of George HALSTEAD (1813-1881) Mottram, Cheshire and his wife Nancy WARDLOW (1819-1881) of Bankwood, Derbyshire.

Cheshire chart 26 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of Robert HALSTEAD (died before 1851) and his wife Mary ? (1810-1861) of Dunkinfield, Cheshire.

Cambridgeshire chart 27 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of Thomas HALSTEAD (b1760-b1841) and his wife Elizabeth HAYWARD (b1770-1844)

Surrey chart 28 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of Joseph OLSTEAD (b1800-b1851) and his wife Mary LASELL (1793-1871) of Felstead, Essex.

Yorkshire chart 29 containing the descendants of Robert HALSTEAD (1804-1868) of Eccrington, Yorkshire and his wife Hannah HOLINGDRAKE (1810-1863) Stansfield, Yorkshire.

If you have any amends or additoins to any of the above charts, or the rest of the site come to that, please let me know

John Hanson