Thursday 3 September 2015

Website update

The Halsted Research website has been updated this morning with the latest version.

The new version contains the details of an additional 121 people to the previous one. Many of these are related to the story of Miss HALSTEAD of Harrogate. An interesting research project which started with a small newspaper snippet from Tony Cheal and ended with two complete blogs. If you missed them then the details are still available via the links to previous blogs.

A new chart has been added to the Yorkshire chart (chart 45) which has Miss Martha HALSTEAD's ancestry back to Isaac HALSTEAD (1724-1786).  In putting this chart together it was discovered that one of the descendents on chart 43 was in the wrong family and subsequently moved to chart 45.

As always if you find any mistake or have additional information please contact me via the email link at the bottom of every page - just click my name.

John Hanson