Wednesday 23 November 2011

The descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1800-1874)

Yet another Yorkshire chart will be added in the next website update.

This time for Richard HALSTEAD (1800-1874) and his wife Martha BROOK (1802-1868)

Richard was born in Stainland and married Martha, born in Longwood, on the 4 March 1821 at St Mary, Elland. They had 7 children

John HALSTEAD (1823-1897) married Harriet GLEDHILL (1823-1894) had 7 children
James HALSTEAD (1825-1896) married Rebecca GLEDHILL (1816-1884) had 1 child
William HALSTEAD (1829-1895 married Mary GLEDHILL (1832-1897) had 10 children
Mary HALSTEAD (1835-?) married Lewis FOX (1826-?)
Marth Ann HALSTEAD (1840-?) married Joseph WHITELEY (1841-?)
Samson HALSTEAD (1843-1900) married Hannah WALKER (1842-1911) had no children
Richard HALSTEAD (1845-1864)

Yorkshire Chart 41 will be added on the next website update

John Hanson

Thursday 17 November 2011

The descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1792-1846)

Whilst starting to add the details of the marriage certificates for 1881 that I have I noticed that there was another large family group in Lancashire.

They are the descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1792-1846) born somewhere in Lancashire (One of those annoying people who died before the 1851 census) and his wife Betty ? (1792-?). So far I have not been able to track Betty's date of death.

They had 9 children - the website current has only 8

Mary Ann HALSTEAD (1816-?)
Nancy HALSTEAD (1818-?)
Sophia HALSTEAD (1820-1883) married John ROTHWELL
Ellen HALSTEAD (1822-?) married John HINDLE
William HALSTEAD (1823-1897) married Hannah HEYS
Elizabeth HALSTEAD (1825-?) married Stephen HARGREAVES
Richard HALSTEAD (1826-1880) married Margaret TYSON
Jane HALSTEAD (1830-?) married James RATCLIFFE (was in the database as #8249)
Thomas HALSTEAD (1832-1865) married Jane ROBINSON

There are over 180 descendents in this new chart and it will be uploaded on the next website update

John Hanson

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Website Update

The latest version of the Halstead Research website has been loaded. This update has added

The marriages from the West Yorkshire Archives on Ancestry from 1874-1880
The marriage from the London Metroplitan Archives on Ancestry 1837-1880
The Cheshire Records Office Marriages from 1837-1910 on findmypast

Updates have been made to the following charts

Cumberland chart 18
Essex charts 19 and 23
Lancashire charts 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 22, 31 and 38
Miscellaneous charts 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 35
Yorkshire charts 22, 23, 24, 29, 36, 37 and 39

Last Saturday (12th November) I was lecturing at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and stayed with an old friend Peter Park. Whilst it has been a trip planed for some time it had not been thought possible to visit the archives as it had been closed for a while and not due to re-open till the end of the year. Two weeks ago I learnt that it was opening early.

I therefore went up to Preston earlier in the week and spent a day and a half in the records office. It gave me a chance to get the digital images of another 200 marriages from the Preston area, many of these are post 1910 and some as late as the 1950s. So yet more marriages to be transcribed and added to the database.