Sunday 8 August 2010

Halsted link to actor Rubert Everett

Many will have been watching the latest series of the popular Who Do You Think You Are UK Television series. The episode on the 29th July 2010 featured actor Rupert Everett.

I was contacted recently by friend and professional genealogist Roy Stockdill who had decided to delve further into Rupert family than the program had. His email said

"However, in the course of tracing as many of his lines as I could I discovered that one of his gt-gt-grandmothers was CAROLINE ARTINDALE of Habergham Eaves, born in 1849, daughter of Robert and Charlotte Artindale. Robert Artindale, b circa 1802, was a clerk to the magistrates at Burnley.

To my surprise, in Googling Robert, I found the family on your Halstead one-name site. Caroline married a barrister called Edmund Salwey Ford at Burnley RD in 1869. Their daughter Frances Mary Ford married an army captain, William Geoffrey Vyvyan, in 1904, and their daughter, the unusually-named OPRE VYVYAN, married Vice- Admiral Sir Hector MacLean and they were Rupert Everett's maternal grandparents."

Now this is where it starts to get a little complicated!
The youngest child of Robert ARTINDALE and Charlotte was Edward Jameson ARTINDALE. Edwards wife was Ellen Vere EVERY-CLAYTON or EVERY-HALSTED. The parents of Ellen Vere were Edward EVERY-CLAYTON and Eliza HOLGATE. Eliza HOLGATE changed her name by Deed Poll to HALSTED in order to inherit.
Ellen Vere EVERY-CLAYTON had a brother Charles Edward EVERY-HALSTED and sisters Harriot Ann and Amelia Jane Elizabeth. Harriot Ann EVERY-CLAYTON married John Todd ATKINSON in 1885 and their granddaughter Mary Louise HURST married Raymond LEWIS-JONES (the benefactor of the Halsted Trust). Interestingly Amelia EVERY-CLAYTON married Thomas Henry BAIRNSFATHER and their son Bruce BAIRNSFATHER was the creator of the "Old Bill" character from WW1.
The details will be included in the next website update