Sunday 20 February 2011

Another Halstead Chart

Whilst sorting out the database following a query from Jenny Noake's on her Great Grandmother Emma Lavinia HALSTEAD who she has born in 1844. Extensive work has been done on the family of William HALSTEAD (1788-1861) and Rachel ? (1791-1864) but it trnaspires from a copy of her tree that she has sent that these aren't the right parents.

This is one of those instances where a census return can really help to resolve a family with similar childrens names and those of the parents. The correct Great Great Grandfather is still William HALSTEAD (1788-1861) but his wife is Rachel ? (1791-1864). Their daughter - again Emma Lavinia - is married to Tom NETHERWOOD and the couple are living with her parents in the 1881 census.

A new chart 36 has been added to the Yorkshire charts

John Hanson

Tuesday 15 February 2011

More new charts

More work has taken place on cleaning up the database and a  further three charts have been added.

Hamshire Chart 30 
the descendants of William Anthony HALSTED (-1778) - there are 60+ people in the chart including a number of prominant army and navy people.

Lancashire Chart 31
the descendants of James HALSTEAD (1783-1857) and Hannah TAYLOR (1806-1885) - there are 110+ people in the chart

Yorkshire Chart 32
the descendants of John HALSTEAD (1779-1866) and Susann ? (1791-1868) - there are 90+ poeple in this chart

Yorkshire Chart 33
the decendants of Edmund HALSTEAD (1799-1868) and Jane ? (1804-1851) - there are 85+ people in this chart

Yorkshire Chart 34
the decendants of Samuel HALSTEAD (1801-1857) and Hannah SHAW (1799-1882) - there are 85+ people in this chart

London Chart 35
the descendants of James HALSTEAD (b1790-b1841) and Elizabeth KNIGHT (1781-1850) - there are 120+ people in this chart
These charts will be included in the next website update
John Hanson