Wednesday 26 June 2019

Website update 26th June 2019 and DNA

Website update
The research website was updtaed this evening - this one includes new information on some of the Australian Halsteads and in particular a family that I had stumbled across a couple of years ago who appeared in the newpaper in Hobart, Tasmania and said

Nov. 15.—Arrived the brig- Brilliant, captain .G. Hopton, from London the 28th May, and the Cape of Good Hope the 24th Sept., with a general cargo.— Passengers in the cabin, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Babbington, and Mr. Robinson ; in the steerage,Mr. Halstead, Mrs. Halstead, Miss Halstead. Harriet Halstead, Mary Halstead, Sarnl Halstead, Robert Halstead, and an infant one day old ; Mr. Blossom, Mr. Morley, and Mr. John Carr. "

It was so frustrating at the time not being able to ascertain exactly who they were. A research enquiry answered the question in a round about way - but meant that I was able to find that Mr Halstead was John HALSTEAD born 1795 in Heptonstall - now just need to find out who his parents were.

We have also taken the opportunity added a page to the website about the Halsted Trust and our aim to see if there is a link between the three major spellings of the name HALSTED, HALSTEAD and HOLSTEAD. to this end we have identified the largest tree within each and we are interested in talking to any direct male ancestor in any of them who would be prepared to take a DNA test.

If you have already taken a DNA test, we would very much like to hear from you. Its result will help to inform us about your Halste(a)d or Holstead ancestry even if you and your relatives do not currently appear on one of our family trees.

To save me re-writing the whole thing again you will find the details on the research website here

John Hanson

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Website update 3 March 2019

The website was updated on the 3rd March 2019.

This update includes the usual site additions and corrections.

However I have included for the first time a new page on the early Halsteds to the USA. these were in fact three brother who left Yorkshire in 1631 and went to there. The database has been constructed using material from multiple sources including the Sons and Daughters of the Revolution.

This link will take you straight to that part of the database

John Hanson
Researcher for the Halsted Trust
email: halstead at