Friday 5 March 2021

Website update 5th March 2021 and news

 The website has been updated with the latest information and will be a couple of months till the next.

The reason is the move of the unlying database from The Master Genealogist (TMG) to Family Historian version 7 (FH7). The reason for the move is that osfficial support for TMG stopped 4 years ago and at some time in the future is going to stop working full stop because it uses a base database that Microsoft stopped maintaining 15 years ago. It was always on the cards to make the move back to Family Historian but needed the new version (FH7) which has all the changes necessary to enable a successful migration.

It will still take a couple of months to tidy everything up but I am happy that it will do what I need

Will also then need to sort out a new newsite and the existing one is tied to the way that TMG worked and FH7 will cause that to change. But then is change always a bad thing. 

Always pleased to hear from anyone with a link to the Halstead name ot any of its varients and deviants


John Hanson