Monday 20 November 2023

Update 20th November 2023

About time that I issued an update as to what is happening

The website has NOT been updated since February 2021 but that doesn't mean thta nothing has been happening and we are still alive and kicking

The reason is the move of the unlying database from The Master Genealogist (TMG) to Family Historian version 7 (FH7). The reason for the move is that osfficial support for TMG stopped 4 years ago and at some time in the future is going to stop working full stop because it uses a base database that Microsoft stopped maintaining nearly 20 years ago. It was always on the cards to make the move back to Family Historian but needed the new version (FH7) which has all the changes necessary to enable a successful migration.

It has taken longer than expected to tidy everything up but I am happy that it will do what is needed

We are starting work already on building the new database in The Next Generation software, which will hopefully be more interactive and enable us to provide a better view for you all

None of this has been helped by the release of the 1921 census which has noow been fully intergrated.

Always pleased to hear from anyone with a link to the Halstead name ot any of its varients and deviants


John Hanson FSG