Tuesday 28 November 2017

Mysterious Marriage 2

On 12th June I listed some 16 marriages post 1 July 1837 where I have the certificate but had not been able to work out who the couple were and the connection to the Halstead's. Whilst I could add them to the database I normally would if I could find them on a later ceneus or if they had children.

Now I have another batch of another .

1 - married on 22 January 1870 at Holy Trinity, Blackburn by Banns.
Richard ASHTON, a Plasterer aged 22, a bachelor residing at 37 James Street. father Robert ASHTON, Plasterer
Ann HALSTEAD, aged 21, a spinster residing at 8 Bolt Street. father William HALSTEAD, Engine Minder

Note: Whilst I have found them on the 1871 census it appears that the name is ALSTON and not HALSTEAD as Ann's sister Mary A ALSTON is living with them. This is not the first time I have come across this and the question is which name was first HALSTEAD or ALSTON.

2 - married on 3 June 1884 at St Thomas, Blackburn by Banns
Daniel Lee RAMSBOTTOM, a Corn Miller age 23, a bachelor residing at 55 Riley Street. father Thomas RAMSBOTTOM
Elizabeth Ann HALSTEAD, a Winder aged 23, a spinster residing at 82 Withers Street. father Joseph HALSTEAD, a Master Moulder

Note: no sign of them can be found after their marriage? There is a Daniel Leigh RAMSBOTTOM who married in a Blackburn Registrar Ceremony in 1897. is this the same person?

3 - married on 2 May 1939 at St Cuthbert, Burnley by Licence
James DUGDALE, a Window Cleaner aged 64, a widower residing at 79 Barden Lane. father not listed
Elizabeth Ann HARGREAVES, a Weaver aged, 46, a widow living at 51 Ebor Street. father James HALSTEAD, (deceased), a Carter

Note: As  their marriage was so close to the date of the 1939Register is was relatively easy to find them using the address from the marriage. Living with James and Elizabeth were her daughter from her previous marriage Irene HARGREAVES (born 1920). Now at this point a lot of poeple give up saying that there are too many Hargreaves to find her. What one needs to look at though is the complete name which means that Irene HARGREAVES born in Q3 1920 there are only two and only one of those is in the Burnley area. 
Now at this point I was expecting to find a mothers maiden name of HALSTEAD except it is WINCHESTER! OK so did she marry a WINCHESTER and then a HARGREAVES. A search of the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk webite reveals only one marriage of an Elizabeth Ann WINCHESTER to John HARGREAVES in Brierfield in 1913. The age is right but what about the father - she does not have one listed.  So why in one marriage and not another? was it she didn't know to begin with?

4 - married on 4 December 1837 at St Peter, Burnley by Banns.
Thomas WILKINSON, a Weaver of full age, a widower residing in Haggate. father Robert WILKINSON, a Collier
Margaret HALSTEAD, of full age, a widow residing in Haggate. father Abraham BOWNESS?, a Weaver

Note: Without ages it difficult to be certain as to who they are in the 1841 census.

5 - married on 8 March 1858 at St Peter, Burnley by Banns.
Richard WILKINSON, a Weaver aged 36, a bachelor residing in Pickup croft. father John WILKINSON, Weaver
Sarah HALSTEAD, a Weaver aged 33, a spinster residing in Pickup Croft. father Robert HALSTEAD, Weaver

Note: I can't seem to find a suitable Sarah - so did she lie about her age or her father. or can I seem to find them after their marriage.

6 - married on 29 May 1869 at the parish church in Church by Banns.
Robert TAYLOR,, Labourer of full age, a bachelor residing in Church. father William TAYLOR
Elizabeth Alice HALSTEAD, of full age, spinster residing in Church. father Thomas HALSTEAD, spinner

note: another of those awkward full name ones.

7 - married on 19 August 1844 at St Bartholomew, Colne by Banns
John HEAP, Weaver of full age, bachelor residing in Lanshawbridge. father Moses HEAP, Weaver
Mary Ann HALSTEAD, of full age, spinster residing in Bent Clough. father James HALSTEAD, Weaver.

note: again too many similar people after the marriage to be certain and the usual full age issue.

8 - married on 2 May 1876 at St Bartholomew, Colne by Banns
Oddie HARTLEY, a Grocer aged 39, a widower residing in Nelson. father John HARTLEY, Butcher
Sarah Ann HIRST, aged 37, spinster living in Colne. father Joseph HALSTEAD, a Manufacturer

note: now there appears to be only one Oddie HARTLEY he was married to Elizabeth prior to his marriage to Sarah. Elizabeth must have died between the 1871 census and 1876. Oddie is again listed as a widower in the 1881 census so with her dying between 1876 and 1881 means I have no idea where she was born - any clues?

If you can help please let me know

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