Sunday 18 September 2011

The Cheesman's of Sussex

I have been contacted by John MOON whose Great Great Grandfather was Roger CHEESMAN and is descended from his first wife Phillis.

This has enabled me to expland on the details of Roger - it is interesting that most of his children from the second marriage to Mary Ann HALSTED appear to have died without marrying.

Perhaps I should make a point here that the research into the Halstead name and its variants doesn't stop when a woman marries out of the name neither does it only start when she marries into the Halstead name. It is just that we don't make a point of normally actively chasing it - if the information it offered it will be added

The revised tree will be included in the next website update

John Hanson

Website update

Since the last update I have included the full details of all marriages that I have the certificates for from 1856 to 1862 as well as updating the full details on these families at the same time.

In processing the marriages for 1861 for the West Yorkshire Archives on Ancestry I came across the marriage of John MARSH to Martha HOLSTEAD. The interesting thing with this marriage was the names of the witnesses as being Joshua HALSTEAD and Sarah Jane HALSTEAD. It just goes to show that it make sense to take notice of them.

Now Joshua HALSTEAD is not a common name in the HALSTEAD world and I knew that there was one in my brickwalls. This marriage is in Penistone the same village that Joshua's children Arthur Frederick (b1860) and Ada Josephine (b1862) were born. Joshua's father was a John HALSTEAD and Martha father was also a John HALSTEAD. Too much of a coincidence for me.

So a 10 year brickwall finally bits the dust.

As well as the addition of the marriages some 60% of the online charts have been amended in one way or another

John Hanson