Saturday 25 May 2013

John HALSTEAD b1794

John HALSTEAD (1794-?) is the progenitor of Chart 20 and whilst working on cleaning up some of the database I have managed to take John back a further generation to his parents Isaac HALSTEAD and Elizabeth.

There are a number is other children, several of which are already in the database and will therefore all link up further

The children of Isaac HALSTEAD and Elizabeth were all born in Gargrave and are

John (1792-?) married Sarah SHACKLETON
Robert (1794-1802)
Richard (1796-?)
Nathan (1798-?) married Ann STOTT (there is no trace of them after 1851 and I believe that they went abroad)
Alice (1800-?) married William TWISTLETON in 1825 their daughter Ann TWISTLETON is already in the database
Isaac (1803-1803)
Catherine Rycroft (1806-?)
Isaac (1809-?)

This led me to a family tree on Ancestry where I have been able to trace some of the children - some of which are already in the database! The tree goes back to a John HALSTEAD (b1667) so I will have to do some more research on this one.

Will have to wait a while for the parish records to appear online as Gargrave is in North Yorkshire and their records (I suspect) will form part of the Yorkshire records due to go on announced at Who Do You Think You Are Live in February 2013

Thursday 9 May 2013

To Keep you posted

Even since the last update a few weeks ago and my plans to add the details of the wills that I have things have changed. I did make a start and have got as far a John in the alphabetical list of first names.

However a spate of enquires and the release of Version 5 of Second Site (the software that is used to build the website from The Master Genealogist database).

New enquiries are always welcome - even if it is to only point out an error. One of the biggest problems with a one-name study of this size is trying to sort out the common first names. for example there are over 1,700 births, marriages and deaths between 1837 and 2005 that mention John as a first name.

The recent enquiries have enabled more information to be added to the master database on recent descendants and whilst these are living people their details will not appear on the website but they are included in the master database. the more interesting ones are from


The next website update will be on Sunday 12th May and will include the new features of Second Site 5

John Hanson