Sunday 2 December 2012

The Every-Clayton's

One of the names that occurs on the main tree of Ray Lewis-Jones (the person to whom the Halsted Trust is indebted for providing the funds to set it up and allowing us to continue his initial works) is Edward EVERY-CLAYTON. The family is part of chart 1 on the descendants of William de HALLSTEDES and traces it roots back over 700 years. the chart can be found here.

It was whilst trying to find the details of his son Thomas Edward EVERY-CLAYTON that I stumbled across a public family tree in Ancestry on the family. It has provided a lot more information on the family. It is always useful finding trees on double-barrelled names as they are one of the more difficult to research these days as many indexes cannot seems to cope with the hyphen.

I had come across the marriage of Thomas Edward EVERY-CLAYTON in the parish records of St Thomas, Barrowford some time ago and it was whilst catching up on the transcription of entering of the marriages into the database that I wondered where the link to his father came from as Edward's wife couldn't have been Thomas's father.

The family lived for many years at Carr Hall, Barrowford. You can find details on the family on the British History Online website.

The updated chart and families will appear on the next website update. if you have a link to this tree (or any other for that matter) I would be delighted to here from you.

John Hanson