Sunday 23 May 2010

The descendants of John Halstead (1790-1869) and Elizabeth (1787-1871)

I have been looking at the descendants of John Halstead (1790-1869) born Thornhill, Yorkshire and his wife Elizabeth ? (1787-1871) born Flockton, Yorkshire.

John and Elizabeth appear to have married prior to 1816 but I am not sure yet as to where. They appear to have had five children

  1. George Halstead (1816-1879) married Eliza Dunstan
  2. Eliza Halstead (1821-?) married James Dewhirst
  3. Ezra Halstead (1829-1858) never married
  4. John Halstead (1831-26 August 1890) married Elizabeth Ramsden
  5. Jesse Halstead (1833-1862) married Emma Brook
In re-constructing this family a number of groups of individuals have been merged and the resulting family group with appear as a new Yorkshire Chart-13.

All the changes will appear in the next website update

John Hanson

Wednesday 19 May 2010

The descendants of Benjamin Halstead (1832-1878) and Frances Holt (1833-1864)

Whilst investigating the tree of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) (see blog The descendants of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) and Margaret ? (1792-1835)) I found another instance to two separate Halstead tree having a link only by marriage similar to that posted in that blog.

In this instance I noticed that Roberts' great-grandson Rowden Halstead (1888-1918) had married Sarah Jane Ashworth (1886-) in 1915. Following the death of Rowden in Egypt in 1918 Sarah Jane went on to marry Thomas Tattersall in 1923. As far as I can tell Rowden and Sarah had no children.

It transpires that Sarah's parents were Henry Ashworth and Sarah Ann Halstead. Sarah Ann Halstead being the daughter of Benjamin Halstead (1832-1878) and Frances Holt (1833-1864). Benjamin and Frances married in 1854 and had fivechildren

  1. Thomas Halstead (1852-?) - no sign of Thomas after the 1871 census
  2. Susan Halstead (1854-1854)
  3. Margaret Halstead (1857-?)
  4. Sarah Jane Halstead (1859-?) married Henry Ashworth
  5. Holt Halstead (1862-1878)
A new Lancashire Chart-12 has been created from Benjamin and will appear in the next website update

John Hanson

Tuesday 18 May 2010

The descendants of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) and Margaret ? (1792-1835)

One of the biggest problems facing anyone with a large one-name study is the problem of trying to link the families together. This can take many years to achive and is something that is happening with the Halsted/Halstead study.

I started a couple of days ago to look at the decscendants of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) who it turns out was married to a Margaret (1792-1835) sometime before 1815. They had 8 children that I know of between 1815 and 1833. Of these all but William appear in the current online database - by using the parish records for Colne, Lancashire I have been able to add William to the list. I an currently trying to find out what happened to Richard
  1. Ann Halstead (1815-?) who married George Hartley
  2. William Halstead (1819-1868) who married Sarah (1815-1891)
  3. Grace Halstead (1821-?) who married George Eastwood
  4. Martha Halstead (1823-?) who married William Howgill
  5. Hartley Halstead (1826-1895) who married Agnes Rostron (1825-1904)
  6. Ellen Halstead (1828-?) who married John Cropper
  7. Isabella Halstead (1830-?) who married James Cropper
  8. Richard Halstead (1833-?)
 The tree contains over 80 people and a new Lancashire Chart-11 has been created and will appear in the next website update

John Hanson

Friday 14 May 2010

The descendants of John HALSTED (1778-1812) and Sarah SMITH (1779-1872)

I have recently been coresponding with Rennie Halstead regarding his grandparents Fred Halstead and Mabel Hirst and he has provided some more information on them which will appear in the next website update.

Rennie's family is part of Lancashire Chart-04 of which the progenitors are John HALSTED (1778-1812) and Sarah SMITH (1779-1872).

The opportunity has been taken to update the whole of this chart and in doing so it was found that John and Sarah's Great Granddaughter Anna HALSTEAD  married a James POLLARD. James POLLARD is descended from another HALSTEAD line that doesn't currently have a chart. He is son of William POLLARD and Dorothy HALSTEAD. Dorothy's father James HALSTEAD will form the basis of a new Chart-10 that will appear on the next website update.

In researching some of the notes on file it is possible that the tree of John HALSTEAD (1778-1812) could be taken back several generations but it needs to be proved before I will add it to the database - watch this space.
John Hanson

Monday 10 May 2010

Website Update - 10th May 2010

This latest update to the website on Halstead, Halsted and Holstead research contains many updates for a variety of reasons

to tidy up some of the material that is already there.
to incorporate the changed mentioned in recent blogs
to add the details of the 70+ birth and marriage certificates received recently

These updates also include updates in the following charts

- Lancashire Chart - the descendants of William de HALLSTEDES.

- Sussex Chart - is still being investigated. He had two sons William & Henry.

- Lancashire Chart - Descendants of Robert HALSTEAD (1740-1815).

- Essex Chart - the descendants of Isaac HALSTEAD (born bef 1785 - ?)

- Yorkshire chart - the descendants of David HOLSTEAD (1803-1858)

A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.