Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The descendants of Benjamin Halstead (1832-1878) and Frances Holt (1833-1864)

Whilst investigating the tree of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) (see blog The descendants of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) and Margaret ? (1792-1835)) I found another instance to two separate Halstead tree having a link only by marriage similar to that posted in that blog.

In this instance I noticed that Roberts' great-grandson Rowden Halstead (1888-1918) had married Sarah Jane Ashworth (1886-) in 1915. Following the death of Rowden in Egypt in 1918 Sarah Jane went on to marry Thomas Tattersall in 1923. As far as I can tell Rowden and Sarah had no children.

It transpires that Sarah's parents were Henry Ashworth and Sarah Ann Halstead. Sarah Ann Halstead being the daughter of Benjamin Halstead (1832-1878) and Frances Holt (1833-1864). Benjamin and Frances married in 1854 and had fivechildren

  1. Thomas Halstead (1852-?) - no sign of Thomas after the 1871 census
  2. Susan Halstead (1854-1854)
  3. Margaret Halstead (1857-?)
  4. Sarah Jane Halstead (1859-?) married Henry Ashworth
  5. Holt Halstead (1862-1878)
A new Lancashire Chart-12 has been created from Benjamin and will appear in the next website update

John Hanson

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