Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The descendants of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) and Margaret ? (1792-1835)

One of the biggest problems facing anyone with a large one-name study is the problem of trying to link the families together. This can take many years to achive and is something that is happening with the Halsted/Halstead study.

I started a couple of days ago to look at the decscendants of Robert Halstead (1783-1853) who it turns out was married to a Margaret (1792-1835) sometime before 1815. They had 8 children that I know of between 1815 and 1833. Of these all but William appear in the current online database - by using the parish records for Colne, Lancashire I have been able to add William to the list. I an currently trying to find out what happened to Richard
  1. Ann Halstead (1815-?) who married George Hartley
  2. William Halstead (1819-1868) who married Sarah (1815-1891)
  3. Grace Halstead (1821-?) who married George Eastwood
  4. Martha Halstead (1823-?) who married William Howgill
  5. Hartley Halstead (1826-1895) who married Agnes Rostron (1825-1904)
  6. Ellen Halstead (1828-?) who married John Cropper
  7. Isabella Halstead (1830-?) who married James Cropper
  8. Richard Halstead (1833-?)
 The tree contains over 80 people and a new Lancashire Chart-11 has been created and will appear in the next website update

John Hanson

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