Saturday 3 July 2010

The descendants of Ada Halstead (1876-1961)

I have been contacted by Gill Gorman because I have her grandmother Ada Halstead (1876-1961) assigned to the wrong parents. She says

"Ada was not, as appears on the site, the daughter of James Atkinson and Olive Halstead. She was the daughter of Olive’s sister, Ruth (1856-1880), and was born to Ruth and John Higson, two years before their marriage on 5 September 1878. Ruth died on 24 August 1880. You have mentioned that Ada appears on the 1881 aged 4, living with her grandfather Matthew Higson, and in the same house you will also find Matthew’s son and Ada’s father, widower John Higson. John married again in 1883 and moved to Yorkshire, leaving his daughter with her aunt Olive Halstead and her husband James Atkinson, who brought her up."

This in someways is a lesson in never assume things from the census and get the brith certificate if in doubt.

The master database has been corrected and tidied up for this family and the details will appear in the next website update.