Saturday 29 January 2011

Website update

This latest website update includes updates from the following blogs

More Cumberland HOLSTEADs

In addition work has continued in cleaning up the database and a start has been made with the smaller counties that have interests in the UK census. In doing so a number of new charts have been created.

Yorkshire chart 19 containing the descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1798-1872) of Keighley, Yorkshire,  and his wife Sarah ? (1806-1885) of Bingley, Yorkshire.

Yorkshire chart 20 containing the descendants of John HALSTEAD (1794-18?) Gargrave, Yorkshire and his wife Sarah ? (1797-18?) of Burnley, Lancashire.

Sussex chart 21 containing the descendants of Thomas HALSTED (1801-1850) of Sussex and his wife Maria SEYMOUR (1800-1887) of Framfield, Sussex.

Lancashire chart 22 containing the descendants of Joseph HALSTEAD (1787-1857) of Marsden, Lancashire and his wife Ellen ? (1793-1864) of Marsden, Lancashire.

Essex chart 23 containing the descendants of Samuel Cook HALSTED (1785-1858) of Great Clacton, Essex, and his wife Alice ? (1785-1849) of Essex.

Essex chart 24 containing the descendants of John HALSTEAD (1806-1873) of Southminster, Essex, and his wife Ann WARREN (1801-1867) of Southminster, Essex.

Cheshire chart 25 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of George HALSTEAD (1813-1881) Mottram, Cheshire and his wife Nancy WARDLOW (1819-1881) of Bankwood, Derbyshire.

Cheshire chart 26 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of Robert HALSTEAD (died before 1851) and his wife Mary ? (1810-1861) of Dunkinfield, Cheshire.

Cambridgeshire chart 27 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of Thomas HALSTEAD (b1760-b1841) and his wife Elizabeth HAYWARD (b1770-1844)

Surrey chart 28 (in Miscellaneous) containing the descendants of Joseph OLSTEAD (b1800-b1851) and his wife Mary LASELL (1793-1871) of Felstead, Essex.

Yorkshire chart 29 containing the descendants of Robert HALSTEAD (1804-1868) of Eccrington, Yorkshire and his wife Hannah HOLINGDRAKE (1810-1863) Stansfield, Yorkshire.

If you have any amends or additoins to any of the above charts, or the rest of the site come to that, please let me know

John Hanson