Tuesday 28 November 2017

Mysterious Marriage 2

On 12th June I listed some 16 marriages post 1 July 1837 where I have the certificate but had not been able to work out who the couple were and the connection to the Halstead's. Whilst I could add them to the database I normally would if I could find them on a later ceneus or if they had children.

Now I have another batch of another .

1 - married on 22 January 1870 at Holy Trinity, Blackburn by Banns.
Richard ASHTON, a Plasterer aged 22, a bachelor residing at 37 James Street. father Robert ASHTON, Plasterer
Ann HALSTEAD, aged 21, a spinster residing at 8 Bolt Street. father William HALSTEAD, Engine Minder

Note: Whilst I have found them on the 1871 census it appears that the name is ALSTON and not HALSTEAD as Ann's sister Mary A ALSTON is living with them. This is not the first time I have come across this and the question is which name was first HALSTEAD or ALSTON.

2 - married on 3 June 1884 at St Thomas, Blackburn by Banns
Daniel Lee RAMSBOTTOM, a Corn Miller age 23, a bachelor residing at 55 Riley Street. father Thomas RAMSBOTTOM
Elizabeth Ann HALSTEAD, a Winder aged 23, a spinster residing at 82 Withers Street. father Joseph HALSTEAD, a Master Moulder

Note: no sign of them can be found after their marriage? There is a Daniel Leigh RAMSBOTTOM who married in a Blackburn Registrar Ceremony in 1897. is this the same person?

3 - married on 2 May 1939 at St Cuthbert, Burnley by Licence
James DUGDALE, a Window Cleaner aged 64, a widower residing at 79 Barden Lane. father not listed
Elizabeth Ann HARGREAVES, a Weaver aged, 46, a widow living at 51 Ebor Street. father James HALSTEAD, (deceased), a Carter

Note: As  their marriage was so close to the date of the 1939Register is was relatively easy to find them using the address from the marriage. Living with James and Elizabeth were her daughter from her previous marriage Irene HARGREAVES (born 1920). Now at this point a lot of poeple give up saying that there are too many Hargreaves to find her. What one needs to look at though is the complete name which means that Irene HARGREAVES born in Q3 1920 there are only two and only one of those is in the Burnley area. 
Now at this point I was expecting to find a mothers maiden name of HALSTEAD except it is WINCHESTER! OK so did she marry a WINCHESTER and then a HARGREAVES. A search of the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk webite reveals only one marriage of an Elizabeth Ann WINCHESTER to John HARGREAVES in Brierfield in 1913. The age is right but what about the father - she does not have one listed.  So why in one marriage and not another? was it she didn't know to begin with?

4 - married on 4 December 1837 at St Peter, Burnley by Banns.
Thomas WILKINSON, a Weaver of full age, a widower residing in Haggate. father Robert WILKINSON, a Collier
Margaret HALSTEAD, of full age, a widow residing in Haggate. father Abraham BOWNESS?, a Weaver

Note: Without ages it difficult to be certain as to who they are in the 1841 census.

5 - married on 8 March 1858 at St Peter, Burnley by Banns.
Richard WILKINSON, a Weaver aged 36, a bachelor residing in Pickup croft. father John WILKINSON, Weaver
Sarah HALSTEAD, a Weaver aged 33, a spinster residing in Pickup Croft. father Robert HALSTEAD, Weaver

Note: I can't seem to find a suitable Sarah - so did she lie about her age or her father. or can I seem to find them after their marriage.

6 - married on 29 May 1869 at the parish church in Church by Banns.
Robert TAYLOR,, Labourer of full age, a bachelor residing in Church. father William TAYLOR
Elizabeth Alice HALSTEAD, of full age, spinster residing in Church. father Thomas HALSTEAD, spinner

note: another of those awkward full name ones.

7 - married on 19 August 1844 at St Bartholomew, Colne by Banns
John HEAP, Weaver of full age, bachelor residing in Lanshawbridge. father Moses HEAP, Weaver
Mary Ann HALSTEAD, of full age, spinster residing in Bent Clough. father James HALSTEAD, Weaver.

note: again too many similar people after the marriage to be certain and the usual full age issue.

8 - married on 2 May 1876 at St Bartholomew, Colne by Banns
Oddie HARTLEY, a Grocer aged 39, a widower residing in Nelson. father John HARTLEY, Butcher
Sarah Ann HIRST, aged 37, spinster living in Colne. father Joseph HALSTEAD, a Manufacturer

note: now there appears to be only one Oddie HARTLEY he was married to Elizabeth prior to his marriage to Sarah. Elizabeth must have died between the 1871 census and 1876. Oddie is again listed as a widower in the 1881 census so with her dying between 1876 and 1881 means I have no idea where she was born - any clues?

If you can help please let me know

John Hanson - email    halstead at one-name.org

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Website Update October 2017 and more

Sorry for the delay in updating the website this time. A health issue got in the way which slowed me down but now resolved and on the mend. the problem was that it left me with not much energy and therefore not conducive to detailed research.

This update includes about 250 new people and lots of updates based on the comments below.

That does not mean that I wasn't busy behind the scenes. I did enable me to complete a couple of things that have been on the back burner for a long while.

The first was extracting from Ancestry the details of all the baptisms, marriages and burials where there are images available. This was not helped by the fact that no two of them have the same layouts. This resulted in nearly 19,000 entries for the Halsted, Halstead, Alstead and Holstead variants of the name. It included those with the name as a first name. with some of the databases it also includes where the name is the father's name in a second marriage so has been useful in resolving some of those.

I started in 1985 (the most recent entry) and so far I am back to 1888. What is apparent from this is that the West Riding of Yorkshire seems to be the only place that has included the non-conformist records in their online database.

Once I am back to about 1790 I will start on a similar exercise for findmypast.

Of course when one addes say a baptism then you think "that is missing or what heppened to her" so get side-tracked into looking at something else.

For those that are interested the list of counties that have the images online with Ancestry is:-

Derbyshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, London Metropolitan Archives, Lancashire Archives, Liverpool, Manchester, Manchester Cathedral, Wigan, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, West Yorkshire

The list of those on findmypast with images are:- 

Canterbury Archives, Cheshire, Devon, Portsmouth History Centre, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Manchester, Norfolk, Royal Archives, Shropshire, Staffordshire, all of Wales, Warwickshire, Westminster and the Yorkshire Archives Consortium (All the Yorkshire Archivees except the West Riding)

email halstead at one-name.org

Monday 12 June 2017

Mysterious marriages

I wrote last time about the certificates that one aquires where you can't sort out who they are.

This I suppose relates more to people carrying out a one-name study rather that those doing their own family history.  I will detail below the one that I have - my thoughts and hopefully someone can help to sort them out! if anyone wants a copy of the actual certificate please contact me

1 - marriage by Banns on 18 August 1851 at St John the Evangalist, Westminster (findmypast)
Thomas HEDGCOCK a widower of full age, a Carperneter residing at 16 Bloomsbury St. father James HEDGCOCK, a Carpenter
Jane HALSTED, a widow of full age, residing in 4 Edward St.father Henry DAWTRY, a Farmer

There is a Jane DAUGHTRY who married a Henry HALSTED in 1835 in Chichester. Henry died in 1847 and she was the Administrator of his estate in 1859 as Jane HALSTED.Jane was also on the 1861 census with twwo of their children. There is only one death of a Thomas HEDGCOCK between 1851 and 1861 and he is too young. So who were they!

2 - marriage by Banns on 23 January 1865 in the parish church in Middlesborough (findmypast)
Robert HALSTEAD a Boilersmith of full age, a bachelor residing in Middlesborough. father Thomas HALSTEAD, an Innkeeper
Maria WINSHIP of full age, a spinster residing in Middeslborough. father George WINSHIP, a Labourer.

WINSHIP is a registered one-name study as well and I have been in touch with Sonia. Whilst we know were Maria was in 1861 Robert is less certain. The north-east is not a popular place for the HALSTEAD name and is often found as HOLSTEAD. I can trace no children to the marriage, nor can I find suitable deaths. mind being of full age doesn't help but as Sonia has been able to trace Maria as being born in 1841 so we must assume that both of them were in their early 20's when they married. what happened to them!!

3 - Marriage by Banns on10 February 1852 at Chapel in Bacup, Lancashire. (Ancestry)
William HALSTEAD was a Labourer of full age, a widower residing Back King Street. no father
Jane WATTS was of full age, a widow residing in Back King Street. no father

This is another marriage where the ages would make all the difference. I cannot find a suitable candidate for either living in Haslingden RD (the registration district covering Bacup). Who were they!

 4 - Married by Banns on 28 November 1891 at St James, Bolton (Ancestry)
John JOYNSON a Labourer aged 50, a widower residing at 10 Cagness Street. father John JOYNSON, an Engineer
Mary Ellen WARDLEY a Weaver aged 46, a widow residing at 10 Cagness Street. father Alexander HALSTEAD, a Labourer.

John and Mary Ellen were living as husband and wife in the 1891 census (RG12/3116 Folio 12 Page 17). There are two children with them both of which agree with the details in the new GRO indexes (see previous blog) of being the children of John's first wife Martha CRANK (1843-1888). Also with the family are a Sarah AUSTIN aged 65 and William AUSTIN aged 24. Looking for a possible marriage of a Mary Ellen to a WARDLEY there is only 1 in the Bolton area and that is a George WARDLEY to a Mary Ellen AUSTIN in 1869. That would mean that William was Mary Ellen's illegitimate son. There is no birth or baptism for a suitable Mary Ellen nor can I find an Alexander HALSTEAD to fit. No record can be found of them after the marriage.

5,6 and 7
All three took place at St Mary the Virgin, Deane (part of Bolton) (Ancestry)
5 - 6 Jun 1838
George MANN a Miner of full age, a bachelor residing in Halliwell. father Thomas MANN, a miner
Mary HALSTED of full age, a spinster residing in Halliwell. father Joseph HALSTED, a Farmer
6 - 29 Jun 1838
Thomas HALSTED, an Engineer of full age, a widower residing in Halliwell. father john HALSTED, a miner
Ann SMITH of full age, a spinster residing in Halliwell. father Adam SMITH, a Weaver
7 - 27 September 1846
Thomas WHALLEY a Carder of full age, a bachelor residing in Halliwell. father Adam WHALLEY, a Weaver
Hannah HALSTEAD a minor, a spinster residing in Halliwell. father Thomas HALSTEAD, a Husbandman

As all are of full age finding other information is extremely difficult. Even Hannah (who would have been born (1825-1830) if diffcult to find. Also none of the families appears to be residend in Halliwell.

8 - married by Banns on 10 November 1856 at St Mary, Eccles.
George EDGE a Bricklayer of full age, a bachelor residing in Mossfield Terrace, Pendleton. father James EDGE, a Bricklayer.
Sarah Ann HALSTEAD of full age, a spinster residing in Mossfield Terrace, Pendelton. father not listed

They had two daughter Harrier Frances (1857-1858) and Sarah Ann (1859-?) both in Manchester Registration district. No trace of any after 1859. Did Sarah Ann die or George or did they move away! but again the lack of age makes it more difficult.

9 - married by Banns on 28 April 1839 at St Mary, Leigh, Lancashire.
Edward MEADOWCROFT a Weaver of full age, a bachelor residing in Bedford. father James MEADOWCROFT, a Weaver
Hannah HALLSTEAD of full age, a spinster residing in Bedford. father William HALLSTEAD, a Weaver

Again another where the full age makes it difficult to prove exactly who she is. The later census would seem to imply that she was from Bolton.

10 - married by Banns on 28 April 1872 at St John, Manchester.
Thomas HALSTEAD a Beamer aged 44, a widower residing at 1 Stephenson Street. father Edward HALSTEAD, a Beamer
Jane SHARPLES aged 45, a widow residing at 1 Stephenson Street. father Richard SHARPLES, a Sawyer

Now one would have thought that with all this information it would be easy to find Thomas but no. Can't find either in 1871 nor in 1881. There is a possible death of a Jane of the right age in Prestwich in 1898.

11 - 15 - These five marriages all took place in St Chad, Rochdale.
11 - 22 April 1844
William MARSHALL a Waever of full age, a widower residing in Scham? Road. father John MARSHALL, a Weaver
Grace WILLIAMS of full age, a widow residing in Scham Road? father John HALSTEAD, a Weaver
12 - 2 December 1844
William WHITWORTH a Labourer of full age, a bachelor residing in Vicars Moss. father Thomas WHITWORTH, a Hatter
Sarah HALSTEAD of full age, a spinster residing in Lock Bridge. father Benjamin HALSTEAD, a Weaver
13 - 21 August 1851
Thomas HALSTEAD a Blacksmith aged 21, a bachelor residing in Dunkirk. father was not listed
Ellen ATKINSON aged 25, a spinster residing in Holland Street. father Samuel ATKINSON, Labourer
14 - 25 December 1858
James ASHWORTH a Labourer aged 22, a bachelor residing in Britannia. father not listed
Mary HALSTEAD,aged 26, a spinster residing in Britannia, father George HALSTEAD a Labourer
15 - 31 May 1862 by Banns
Edwin MILLS, a Warehouseman aged 31, a bachelor residing in Oldham Road. father Thomas MILLS, a Contractor
Sarah WHITWORTH aged 34, a widow residing in Oldham Road. father Benjamin HALSTEAD, a Weaver

With all of these it has not been possible to sort out who they are with any certainty other than the Sarah in marriage 12 and 15 is the same.

16 - married at St Bartholomew, Whitworth on 12 October 1889 by Banns
John BUTTERWORTH a Weaver of full age, a widower residing in Whitworth. father George BUTTERWORTH, Ostler (deceased)
Mary Ann WHITTLES of full age, a widow residing in Whitworth. father John HALSTEAD (deceased) a Blacksmith

Mary Ann HALSTEAD had married Samuel WHITTLE in 1879 in a non-conformist or register office marriage according to Lancashire BMD. Samuel appears to die aged 55 in Rochdale RD in Q2 1888.

So if you can help I would love to hear from you

John - email halstead at one-name.org

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Website update June 2017

I updated the website a couple of days ago no significant major updates but it had been several months since the last one.

The time has been spent in trying to link some of the many smaller trees into the larger ones and whilst we have made ssome progress there is still losts to be done.

Now whilst the master database is held in the Master Genalogist (no longer available) and simply because along with Second Site it prodcues the best website for what we wanted. However its reporting has never been one of its strong points so occationally I import the database into Family Historian (a british based piece of software). Family Historian has many highly priced features including its handling of media and charts. It also has a wonderful query language, which means that you can extract almost anything in the way that you want it. Also using the Family Historian User Group (which is free to join) you can exchange almost anything with others.

One of the useful queries is called Orphans and details the number of seperate trees that you have in your file. There are over 960 in the Halstead Database and of those 320 have only 1 person in them.

I have also been trying to kill people off - not quite as easy as it soundsunless you spend a fortune on certificcates and unfortunately that is not an option. in fact many a certificate still remains a mystery. I am fortunate I suppose in that I tend only to buy birth and death certificates to solve a specific issue do they are all accounted for.

However marriage certificates are much more fun!! and of course these days you don't have to necessarily buy them as many as those that took place in a church are freely available through Ancestry or findmypast. OK you have to have a subscription but you can always visit your local library and many of those have access to one or the other and in many casees both.

You would laos have thought that all the extra information on marriages after 1837 would make them easy to solve but not always. The next blog (at the weekend) will contain the details of the marriage certificates that I have and have been unable to resolve.

If I can be of any help in your research or you have queries or additional information please contact me

John Hanson
email halstead at one-name.org

Monday 13 February 2017

Website update

A new version of the Halstead research website was loaded yesterday (12 February 2017).

Thiss update follows the completion of checking all of the birth entries from 1837 to 1915 following the release by the General Register Office last November of their own indexes which included 'mothers maiden name'

Last time we included a listing of all of the entries from 1880 to 1915 that I had not been able to allocate fully. This time I include the list from 1837 to 1879. Again the majotiy of these will be due to either mothers maiden name being Halstead and not able to identify the mother, or where the marriage of the parents cannot be traced.

This update also hits another milestone with the number of people in the database now passing 30,000.

My next task I think is to look at the marriages in the period 1837-1911 that have not made it into the datebase.

If you can help of any of these please let me know.

Year Q Surname Forenames MMN/Spouse District
1867 2 ALLSTEAD John JACKSON Hackney
1856 1 ALLSTEAD William SHAW Bolton
1846 4 ALSTEAD Alice ALSTEAD Bolton
1860 2 ALSTEAD Anthony SPENCER Blackburn
1857 4 ALSTEAD Elizabeth ALSTEAD Burnley
1865 1 ALSTEAD Elizabeth SPENCER Blackburn
1848 4 ALSTEAD Ellen SPENCER Blackburn
1851 1 ALSTEAD Ellen WALMSLEY Blackburn
1850 1 ALSTEAD Henry HOLME Bolton
1872 3 ALSTEAD Jane COTTAM Blackburn
1875 1 ALSTEAD John Thomas SALISBURY Blackburn
1860 1 ALSTEAD Margaret Ann RILEY Blackburn
1853 2 ALSTEAD Maria Ann WALMSLEY Blackburn
1850 4 ALSTEAD Martha Jane POLLARD Clitheroe
1855 2 ALSTEAD Mary SPENCER Blackburn
1870 3 ALSTEAD Mary Ellen REGAN Hartlepool
1872 4 ALSTEAD Mary Ellen ALSTEAD Blackburn
1838 2 ALSTEAD Richard HUTCHINSON Blackburn
1856 2 ALSTEAD Sarah WALMSLEY Blackburn
1850 1 ALSTEAD William HIRST Blackburn
1861 1 ALSTEAD William MARSDEN Blackburn
1844 3 BARNES Halstead BARNES Haslingden
1840 3 BENTLEY James Halsted WOLSTENHOLME Chorlton
1854 1 BEST Halstead BEST Rochdale
1865 3 BLACKBURN Halstead BLACKBURN Burnley
1871 4 CARSON James Holstead CARSON Burnley
1865 1 DAWSON Matthew Halstead GIMNEY Ashton under Lyne
1847 1 FOX Robert Holstead BARWICK Keighley
1855 4 GRIFFITHS Jane Halstead GRIFFITHS Rochdale
1839 1 HALLSTEAD Alice MAYERS Stockport
1839 3 HALLSTEAD Anne STEPHENSON Manchester
1837 4 HALLSTEAD Eliza MAYERS Stockport
1841 3 HALLSTEAD Helen MAYERS Stockport
1858 3 HALLSTEAD Richard ATKINSON Rochdale
1877 1 HALSTEAD Ada SMITH Burnley
1876 3 HALSTEAD Agnes HALSTEAD Huddersfield
1871 2 HALSTEAD Albert WOOD Huddersfield
1857 2 HALSTEAD Alfred HARTLEY Burnley
1840 1 HALSTEAD Alice BALDWIN Burnley
1859 4 HALSTEAD Alice HALSTEAD Burnley
1875 3 HALSTEAD Alice TAYLOR Halifax
1852 1 HALSTEAD Alice Ann HALSTEAD Burnley
1842 1 HALSTEAD Ann KIDDY Ipswich
1854 3 HALSTEAD Ann HALSTEAD Burnley
1870 4 HALSTEAD Ann HALSTEAD Huddersfield
1865 2 HALSTEAD Annie HALSTEAD Halifax
1871 4 HALSTEAD Annie SCHOFIELD Burnley
1875 4 HALSTEAD Arthur Percival ? Huddersfield
1872 2 HALSTEAD Ben Taylor TAYLOR Halifax
1843 2 HALSTEAD Bessy IRWOOD Bolton
1873 2 HALSTEAD Betsy GREENWOOD Todmorden
1841 3 HALSTEAD Betty KAY Bolton
1852 2 HALSTEAD Betty BLACKBURN Burnley
1877 4 HALSTEAD Betty COPLEY Huddersfield
1867 2 HALSTEAD Bolton Hartley HALSTEAD Burnley
1852 3 HALSTEAD Caroline HOLROYD Halifax
1862 2 HALSTEAD Charles Edgar HALSTEAD Bradford
1864 2 HALSTEAD Charles Henry HALSTEAD Bradford
1867 2 HALSTEAD Clara HALSTEAD Huddersfield
1840 2 HALSTEAD David HARTLEY Haslingden
1841 3 HALSTEAD Edmondson WOOLER Burnley
1841 3 HALSTEAD Edward COLLINGE Todmorden
1876 2 HALSTEAD Edward SALISBURY Blackburn
1840 2 HALSTEAD Edwin HALSTEAD Ecclesfield
1848 3 HALSTEAD Edwin William ? West Ham
1864 2 HALSTEAD Eliza HODGKINSON Dewsbury
1871 1 HALSTEAD Eliza ATKINSON Rochdale
1844 3 HALSTEAD Eliza Ann MAYERS Stockport
1840 2 HALSTEAD Elizabeth KIDDY Belper
1842 3 HALSTEAD Elizabeth BALDWIN Burnley
1845 3 HALSTEAD Elizabeth MAYERS Stockport
1871 2 HALSTEAD Elizabeth GAUKROGER Todmorden
1860 4 HALSTEAD Elizabeth Alice HALSTEAD Blackburn
1843 4 HALSTEAD Elizabeth Ann HALSTEAD Halifax
1864 3 HALSTEAD Elizabeth Ann HALSTEAD Todmorden
1849 2 HALSTEAD Elizabeth Jane HALSTEAD Haslingden
1838 3 HALSTEAD Ellen HARTLEY Burnley
1839 3 HALSTEAD Ellen NUTTALL Burnley
1844 4 HALSTEAD Emma BARNS Todmorden
1854 4 HALSTEAD Emma HALSTEAD Todmorden
1861 4 HALSTEAD Emma WOOD Huddersfield
1876 4 HALSTEAD Ethel STOTT Huddersfield
1843 3 HALSTEAD Female PATE Warrington
1866 2 HALSTEAD Female JACKSON Wandsworth
1876 2 HALSTEAD Florence MOTH London City
1877 3 HALSTEAD Fred HALSTEAD Burnley
1877 3 HALSTEAD Fred HALSTEAD Todmorden
1840 4 HALSTEAD George HALSTEAD Halifax
1843 1 HALSTEAD George HOLLINRAKE Ashton
1868 2 HALSTEAD George Augustus Fraser BRIDGSTOCKE Manchester
1844 4 HALSTEAD George Halstead HALSTEAD Leeds
1876 4 HALSTEAD George Henry TAYLOR Huddersfield
1879 1 HALSTEAD George Henry HALSTEAD Haslingden
1845 2 HALSTEAD Hannah HALSTEAD Todmorden
1848 2 HALSTEAD Hannah SEWILL Rochdale
1850 2 HALSTEAD Hannah LORD Todmorden
1853 3 HALSTEAD Hannah Ramsay RAMSAY Manchester
1876 1 HALSTEAD Harriet DOBSON Oldham
1868 2 HALSTEAD Harry STANLEY Burnley
1869 3 HALSTEAD Harry SMITH Hull
1838 3 HALSTEAD Henry HALSTEAD Burnley
1840 2 HALSTEAD Henry HALSTEAD Burnley
1842 3 HALSTEAD Henry NUTTALL Burnley
1858 2 HALSTEAD Henry LEAVER Burnley
1877 3 HALSTEAD Hilda Clark Halstead Prestwich
1873 1 HALSTEAD Isabella HARGREAVES Burnley
1842 1 HALSTEAD James HALSTEAD Burnley
1843 3 HALSTEAD James BRADLEY West Derby
1844 1 HALSTEAD James GLEDHILL Huddersfield
1847 2 HALSTEAD James HILLS Burnley
1849 4 HALSTEAD James HALSTEAD Burnley
1855 4 HALSTEAD James HALSTEAD Halifax
1862 1 HALSTEAD James MARSDEN Bury
1867 2 HALSTEAD James LOWE Bury
1868 4 HALSTEAD James HALSTEAD Burnley
1871 2 HALSTEAD James HALSTEAD Burnley
1872 3 HALSTEAD James PICKLES Burnley
1872 4 HALSTEAD James SMITH Burnley
1876 4 HALSTEAD James REEDEN Hull
1878 4 HALSTEAD James GILL Haslingden
1879 3 HALSTEAD James SALISBURY Blackburn
1871 2 HALSTEAD James Edwin HALSTEAD Halifax
1863 4 HALSTEAD James Hartley HARTLEY Burnley
1856 3 HALSTEAD Jane WOOD Rochdale
1867 2 HALSTEAD Jane ATKINSON Rochdale
1867 3 HALSTEAD Jane WOOD Huddersfield
1858 2 HALSTEAD Jemima BERRY Halifax
1857 3 HALSTEAD Joah HALSTEAD Keighley
1839 3 HALSTEAD John WOOLER Burnley
1844 2 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Burnley
1845 3 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Burnley
1845 3 HALSTEAD John BALDWIN Burnley
1846 1 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Burnley
1848 1 HALSTEAD John McCORMIE Bury
1848 1 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Haslingden
1850 2 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Burnley
1850 2 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Huddersfield
1851 4 HALSTEAD John NUTTALL Burnley
1853 4 HALSTEAD John WIDDUP Burnley
1858 3 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Wakefield
1860 4 HALSTEAD John SCARGILL Dewsbury
1864 3 HALSTEAD John BURTON Darlington
1866 3 HALSTEAD John HALKURY West Derby
1867 4 HALSTEAD John HALSTEAD Burnley
1875 2 HALSTEAD John GREENWOOD Todmorden
1847 1 HALSTEAD John Henry PEARSON Manchester
1865 3 HALSTEAD John Henry HALSTEAD Burnley
1874 1 HALSTEAD John Sutcliffe SCHOFIELD Burnley
1851 2 HALSTEAD John William SUTCLIFFE Leeds
1859 2 HALSTEAD John William HALSTEAD Halifax
1866 1 HALSTEAD John William Smith HALSTEAD Huddersfield
1838 1 HALSTEAD Joseph SMITH Bolton
1871 4 HALSTEAD Joseph SUTCLIFFE Todmorden
1859 1 HALSTEAD Joseph Greenwood HALSTEAD Halifax
1867 4 HALSTEAD Lily ? Halifax
1866 3 HALSTEAD Lizzie WOOD Huddersfield
1878 2 HALSTEAD Lizzie WALKER Halifax
1878 3 HALSTEAD Louisa SMITH Hull
1841 2 HALSTEAD Male BURRELLS Billericay
1856 2 HALSTEAD Male MARSHALL Huddersfield
1870 4 HALSTEAD Male KNOTT Bury
1844 2 HALSTEAD Margaret BALDWIN Burnley
1845 4 HALSTEAD Margaret WOOLER Burnley
1848 2 HALSTEAD Margaret HALSTEAD Huddersfield
1848 1 HALSTEAD Margaret Ann HALSTEAD Blackburn
1852 2 HALSTEAD Margaret Ann GIBSON Preston
1879 1 HALSTEAD Margaret Shackleton HALSTEAD Burnley
1846 3 HALSTEAD Maria STEPHENSON Burnley
1857 4 HALSTEAD Martha HAIGH Halifax
1862 2 HALSTEAD Martha DUERDEN Burnley
1866 1 HALSTEAD Martha HALSTEAD Haslingden
1838 2 HALSTEAD Mary OLDFIELD Todmorden
1839 4 HALSTEAD Mary BUTTERWORTH Todmorden
1843 2 HALSTEAD Mary WOOLER Burnley
1847 4 HALSTEAD Mary GLEDDELL Haslingden
1849 3 HALSTEAD Mary NUTTALL Burnley
1866 1 HALSTEAD Mary HALSTEAD Haslingden
1867 2 HALSTEAD Mary HALSTEAD Burnley
1877 4 HALSTEAD Mary Alice HALSTEAD Haslingden
1838 3 HALSTEAD Mary Ann - Halifax
1842 1 HALSTEAD Mary Ann HALSTEAD Manchester
1846 1 HALSTEAD Mary Ann - Halifax
1847 4 HALSTEAD Mary Ann HALSTEAD Burnley
1849 3 HALSTEAD Mary Ann HALSTEAD Halifax
1858 1 HALSTEAD Mary Ann BARNES Todmorden
1859 4 HALSTEAD Mary Ann RATCLIFFE Halifax
1846 1 HALSTEAD Mary Ann Letitia NEWSON St George in the East
1870 3 HALSTEAD Mary Elizabeth ? Ashton
1873 2 HALSTEAD Mary Elizabeth WHITTAKER Rochdale
1862 1 HALSTEAD Mary Jane ECCLES Haslingden
1865 1 HALSTEAD Mary Jane HALSTEAD Haslingden
1872 4 HALSTEAD Merna HALSTEAD Dewsbury
1855 3 HALSTEAD Moses VARLEY Burnley
1871 2 HALSTEAD Nancy CLEGG Blackburn
1849 2 HALSTEAD Priscilla BLACKBURN Burnley
1839 1 HALSTEAD Rebecca SMITH Huddersfield
1845 3 HALSTEAD Richard TAYLOR Stepney
1849 1 HALSTEAD Richard RAMSDEN Manchester
1854 1 HALSTEAD Richard ASHTON Blackburn
1855 3 HALSTEAD Richard SCHOFIELD Clitheroe
1863 3 HALSTEAD Richard DUERDEN Burnley
1837 4 HALSTEAD Robert GLEDHILL Todmorden
1849 4 HALSTEAD Robert HALSTEAD Burnley
1853 3 HALSTEAD Robert GREENWOOD Burnley
1856 4 HALSTEAD Robert WIDDUP Haslingden
1867 4 HALSTEAD Robert ? Rochdale
1870 1 HALSTEAD Robert Edward HALSTEAD Preston
1867 4 HALSTEAD Rose ? Halifax
1849 2 HALSTEAD Ruth DUGDALE Burnley
1845 4 HALSTEAD Samuel DAWSON Blackburn
1863 3 HALSTEAD Samuel ATKINSON Rochdale
1843 3 HALSTEAD Sarah CLEGG Burnley
1844 3 HALSTEAD Sarah BUTTERWORTH Todmorden
1850 1 HALSTEAD Sarah COLLINGE Todmorden
1852 3 HALSTEAD Sarah HARTLEY Burnley
1846 2 HALSTEAD Sarah Ann BLACKBURN Burnley
1865 2 HALSTEAD Sarah Elizabeth HALSTEAD Halifax
1851 3 HALSTEAD Sarah Ellen HANSON Halifax
1864 1 HALSTEAD Sarah Hannah HALSTEAD Todmorden
1873 2 HALSTEAD Sarah Jane TAYLOR Halifax
1841 3 HALSTEAD Seth SLINGER Clitheroe
1839 4 HALSTEAD Susannah LOMBARD Burnley
1854 2 HALSTEAD Thomas HALSTEAD Burnley
1856 4 HALSTEAD Thomas HARTLEY Burnley
1878 4 HALSTEAD Thomas Ashworth HALSTEAD Burnley
1869 3 HALSTEAD Thomas Jeffry ATKINSON Rochdale
1853 3 HALSTEAD Thomas Mills HALSTEAD Todmorden
1849 1 HALSTEAD Thomas Parkinson HALSTEAD Lancaster
1878 4 HALSTEAD Thomas Samuel ? Greenwich
1854 4 HALSTEAD Walter GLEDHILL Huddersfield
1871 4 HALSTEAD Walter WOOD Huddersfield
1871 1 HALSTEAD Walter Scott SCOTT Burnley
1838 2 HALSTEAD William WELD Burnley
1839 2 HALSTEAD William HINDERSON Chorlton
1841 4 HALSTEAD William BROOK Halifax
1842 1 HALSTEAD William ? Halifax
1843 1 HALSTEAD William HALSTEAD Rochdale
1844 1 HALSTEAD William HALSTEAD Burnley
1844 4 HALSTEAD William ? Halifax
1847 2 HALSTEAD William GIBSON Todmorden
1847 4 HALSTEAD William GLEDDELL Haslingden
1852 2 HALSTEAD William HALSTEAD Rochdale
1852 2 HALSTEAD William CLEGG Haslingden
1854 4 HALSTEAD William VARLEY Burnley
1855 2 HALSTEAD William HALSTEAD Burnley
1868 3 HALSTEAD William HALSTEAD Wakefield
1861 3 HALSTEAD William Field HALSTEAD Halifax
1849 2 HALSTEAD William Gibbs HALSTEAD Bethnal Green
1843 1 HALSTEAD William Hall ? Skipton
1871 2 HALSTEAD Willie ? Halifax
1862 1 HALSTEAD Willy WATSON Burnley
1851 1 HALSTED Daniel Gibbs - Bethnal Green
1840 4 HALSTED Edmund HALSTED Chichester
1853 2 HALSTED Elizabeth DICKSON Oldham
1845 1 HALSTED Female GREEN Romford
1879 2 HALSTED George HALSTED Settle
1863 1 HALSTED Harry CROWTHER Burnley
1842 4 HALSTED Howarth HALSTED Burnley
1857 2 HALSTED Jane SCHOFIELD Clitheroe
1858 1 HALSTED John HALSTED Burnley
1871 1 HALSTED John Chadwick CHADWICK Burnley
1879 4 HALSTED Lucy Corbett HALSTED Brighton
1842 3 HALSTED Mary WITHAM Burnley
1866 4 HALSTED Mary Ann WRIGHT Burnley
1853 4 HALSTED Samuel Cook SELLMAN Romford
1850 2 HALSTED-HUNTER James Samuel BEECH Brighton
1847 3 HALSTEED Henry SPICER Isle Of Wight
1842 1 HARTLEY Halstead HARTLEY Burnley
1876 3 HAWORTH William Halstead EGLIN Preston
1857 2 HINSLEY Harriet Halstead HINSLEY Leeds
1842 4 HOLLAND Halstead Peel NELSON Manchester
1869 1 HOLSTEAD Albert TAYLOR Halifax
1865 1 HOLSTEAD Anne Cuttle HOLSTEAD Derby
1875 3 HOLSTEAD Arthur TAYLOR Halifax
1851 4 HOLSTEAD Betty HALSTEAD Dewsbury
1847 4 HOLSTEAD Charles POWELL Huddersfield
1875 1 HOLSTEAD Clara Louisa REEDEN Sculcoates
1872 4 HOLSTEAD Elizabeth HODGSON Carlisle
1843 2 HOLSTEAD Emma JOWETT Halifax
1874 3 HOLSTEAD Emma TAYLOR Halifax
1858 2 HOLSTEAD George HOLSTEAD Huddersfield
1879 4 HOLSTEAD Henry HOLMES Holbeck
1862 2 HOLSTEAD John BRAYNE Madeley
1853 2 HOLSTEAD Male POWELL Huddersfield
1855 1 HOLSTEAD Martha ORRELL Bolton
1853 3 HOLSTEAD Mary Ann AGAR Huddersfield
1876 4 HOLSTEAD Mary Ann ROAK Barnsley
1859 4 HOLSTEAD Sam HARTLEY Dewsbury
1839 4 HOLSTEAD Samuel ROBINSON Halifax
1842 4 HOLSTEAD Thomas COWAN Carlisle
1876 1 HOOLER Halsted MARSHALL Burnley
1851 4 KAY Halstead HALSTEAD Todmorden
1853 4 LEWIS John Halsted LEWIS West Derby
1855 1 LOWER Joseph Halsted LOWER Rotherhithe
1876 1 LUDDITT Henry Halstead GRAY Poplar
1857 2 MARRIOTT Alstead William SHACKLOCK Nottingham
1859 2 MARSDEN Halstead MARSDEN Halifax
1844 4 MITCHELL George Halstead ? Leeds
1843 2 OGDEN Halstead LORD Todmorden
1856 4 PRIEST Henry Halsted BURNETT Havant
1879 2 RAWLINSON John Halstead WOODCOCK Haslingden
1846 2 RIDINGS John Alstead HIGHFIELD Bolton
1861 3 ROBERTS Eliza Holstead ROBERTS Anglesey
1869 4 RYE Halstead Craven RYE Swaffham
1867 2 SCHOFIELD Isaac Halstead HOLT Rochdale
1840 2 SCHOFIELD Joseph Holstead HOLSTEAD Halifax
1863 2 SCOTT Halstead SCOTT Halifax
1856 2 SMITH Halsted SHACKLETON Burnley
1865 3 SUTCLIFFE John Halstead HOLLOWS Haslingden
1849 1 SWARBRICK Halstead CRONSHAW Haslingden
1846 2 TATTERSALL James Halstead MELLEN Rochdale
1878 2 WELLS Catherine Halstead FULLERTON West Derby
1867 1 WHITTAKER James Halstead WHITTAKER Bury
1860 1 WILD Alstead BELL Hull
1869 4 WILD James Halstead BELL Caistor

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