Wednesday 24 February 2010

Website update - 1911 census

This latest update to the website contains the details of approximately another 1,000 people from the 1911 census of England and Wales.

This now leaves just 850 entries of the 4,000 still to be added. However these are contained in just the two registration districts of Burnley and Halifax. It is hoped that these can be completed by the time of the next update which is scheduled for the third weekend in March.

After that is is hoped to add many of the birth, marriage and death certificates that are held.

Friday 5 February 2010

Halste(a)d One-Name Study

This is the first posting of this blog to help promote the website on research into the HALSTED, HALSTEAD and HOLSTEAD names together with its variants.

The name has many roots and the aim of the site, which is the research part of the Halsted Trust (a registered educational charity with the purpose of promoting one-name study research and in particular research into the Halste(a)d name), is to publish some of the data that we hold.

Currently about half of the 4,000 entries for the 1911 census are included in the site and over the next few months the aim is to add the remainder, as well as adding details of many of the birth, marriage and death certificates that I hold.

I will be happy to correspond with anyone who has an interest in the name and especially those who can provide additional information. The website does not knowingly contain information on living people so if you aren't there don't worry, you can still contact me via the main site or at