Tuesday 16 October 2012

Henry HALSTEAD (1814-1861)

We have all done it - received an email and thought "I haven't the time to answer that right know", put it to one side and then promptly forget about it. Sometimes they just disappear into oblivion but once in a while they do surface again.

This blog is about one such email - from Gilly a couple of months ago. She wrote about Henry HALSTEAD (1814-1869) and gave the details of his parents William and Sarah of Burnley. Now there is always a dread when people talk of the HALSTEAD's of Burnley simply because there are so many and they all have the same names! But when this email surfaced again last week I was determined to look into it and try and resolve the family.

Henry was already online but what of his parents. Using the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk website I was able to ascertain the details of Henry's siblings and that enabled me to finally identify that William and Sarah were in fact in the database. In fact they were the progenitors of Chart 12. Using the Lancashire OPC site I was able to identify Henry's other brothers and sister and link them to the main tree. So now instead of William and Sarah having three children they now have eight. So now we have

Henry (1814-1869) - married Martha GREENWOOD (1818-1884)
Elizabeth (1817-?) married William MITCHELL (is new to the database but the clues were already there if you look close enough) in 1851 her brother Benjamin and sister Margaret were living with her and William MITCHELL in Glossop, Derbyshire. Mind Benjamin was listed as an Apprentice and Margaret as Margaret SCHOFIELD, a visitor!
John (1820-1893) - married Mary MORGAN
William (1824-?)  (is new to database) there are too many Williams born about that time to be certain as to what happened to him
Margaret (1827-?)  (is new to database) married James SCHOFIELD
James (1830-1867) - married Betty LAW
Benjamin (1832-1878) - married Frances HOLT
Robert (1835-1869) never married

The original chart 12 had 40+ people on it - this has now increased to 100+

So if you have written and I haven't replied - give me a nudge. The request might have gone the way of the junk mail filter (not my fault), been missed or simply waiting for a reply

All will be included in the next website update.

John Hanson

Tuesday 9 October 2012

website update and Norbert HALSTEAD

The latest version of the Halstead, Halsted and Holstead research website has been released.

This release includes a complete rebuild of all the charts on the website. Several have increased in size so is always worth going back to check.

In addition a new chart 44 has been added to the Lancashire charts. This one is interesting as apart from the birth place of the progeneter John HALSTEAD (1806-bef 1871) being in Lancashire the remainder of the events took place outside the county. John and his wife Phoebe GREAVES (1806-1871) had five children Joshua (1829-bef 1881) (One of the brick-walls for many years), Sarah (b1833), Martha (b1835), Grace (b1841) and Mary Ann (b1843).

Joshua and his wife Sarah Jane CROWTHER (1832-1916) went on the have 8 children on three different continents. Many of the children spent a lot of time traveling backwards and forwards to South America and many of them actually married and died out there.

Joseph Charles HALSTEAD (1853-?) - last known of going to Buenos Aires in 1904
Hannah Peacock HALSTEAD (1855-1927) stayed in England
Jane HALSTEAD (1857-?) stayed in England and married Edward HOBSON
John Henry HALSTEAD (1859-1941) married Margaret A DARWENT and he died in Montevideo
Arthur Frederick HALSTEAD (1860-1937) married Mary Elizabeth KING and whlist he spent some time in South America died in Teignmouth, Devon
Ada Josephine HALSTEAD (1862-1934) she never married and died in Teignmouth, Devon
Richard Lucio HALSTEAD (1864-1917) married Kate Janet SENIOR and whilst they spent some time in Buenos Aires he died in Dorking, Surrey
Melquiades Astolin HALSTEAD (1866-1928) married Rebecca Bailey BARBER and died in Buenos Aires.

Melquides and Rebecca had four children and I am desperately trying to find out more information on the third of these Norbert HALSTEAD (1905-?). He was last seen sailing back to Buenos Aires on the 13 March 1931 following the death of his mother.

John Hanson

Thursday 4 October 2012

George HALSTEAD (1813-1881)

Whilst checking out the marriages in the Cheshire Collection on www.findmypast.co.uk I found the marriage of George HALSTEAD (1813-1881) to Nancy WARDLOW (1819-1881) in the Parish Church of Mottram-in-Longdendale. As the marriage was on 6 June 1838 it gave me his father's name of Richard HALSTEAD, a Manager to a Calico Printer.

This information enabled me to find Richard in the database as he is Richard HALSTEAD (1788-1860) with his wife Ann.

George was the progenetor of Chart 25 and therefore this chart has been taken back a further generation.

The details will be included on the next website update

John Hanson