Tuesday, 9 October 2012

website update and Norbert HALSTEAD

The latest version of the Halstead, Halsted and Holstead research website has been released.

This release includes a complete rebuild of all the charts on the website. Several have increased in size so is always worth going back to check.

In addition a new chart 44 has been added to the Lancashire charts. This one is interesting as apart from the birth place of the progeneter John HALSTEAD (1806-bef 1871) being in Lancashire the remainder of the events took place outside the county. John and his wife Phoebe GREAVES (1806-1871) had five children Joshua (1829-bef 1881) (One of the brick-walls for many years), Sarah (b1833), Martha (b1835), Grace (b1841) and Mary Ann (b1843).

Joshua and his wife Sarah Jane CROWTHER (1832-1916) went on the have 8 children on three different continents. Many of the children spent a lot of time traveling backwards and forwards to South America and many of them actually married and died out there.

Joseph Charles HALSTEAD (1853-?) - last known of going to Buenos Aires in 1904
Hannah Peacock HALSTEAD (1855-1927) stayed in England
Jane HALSTEAD (1857-?) stayed in England and married Edward HOBSON
John Henry HALSTEAD (1859-1941) married Margaret A DARWENT and he died in Montevideo
Arthur Frederick HALSTEAD (1860-1937) married Mary Elizabeth KING and whlist he spent some time in South America died in Teignmouth, Devon
Ada Josephine HALSTEAD (1862-1934) she never married and died in Teignmouth, Devon
Richard Lucio HALSTEAD (1864-1917) married Kate Janet SENIOR and whilst they spent some time in Buenos Aires he died in Dorking, Surrey
Melquiades Astolin HALSTEAD (1866-1928) married Rebecca Bailey BARBER and died in Buenos Aires.

Melquides and Rebecca had four children and I am desperately trying to find out more information on the third of these Norbert HALSTEAD (1905-?). He was last seen sailing back to Buenos Aires on the 13 March 1931 following the death of his mother.

John Hanson

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