Friday, 14 May 2010

The descendants of John HALSTED (1778-1812) and Sarah SMITH (1779-1872)

I have recently been coresponding with Rennie Halstead regarding his grandparents Fred Halstead and Mabel Hirst and he has provided some more information on them which will appear in the next website update.

Rennie's family is part of Lancashire Chart-04 of which the progenitors are John HALSTED (1778-1812) and Sarah SMITH (1779-1872).

The opportunity has been taken to update the whole of this chart and in doing so it was found that John and Sarah's Great Granddaughter Anna HALSTEAD  married a James POLLARD. James POLLARD is descended from another HALSTEAD line that doesn't currently have a chart. He is son of William POLLARD and Dorothy HALSTEAD. Dorothy's father James HALSTEAD will form the basis of a new Chart-10 that will appear on the next website update.

In researching some of the notes on file it is possible that the tree of John HALSTEAD (1778-1812) could be taken back several generations but it needs to be proved before I will add it to the database - watch this space.
John Hanson

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