Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1800-1874)

Yet another Yorkshire chart will be added in the next website update.

This time for Richard HALSTEAD (1800-1874) and his wife Martha BROOK (1802-1868)

Richard was born in Stainland and married Martha, born in Longwood, on the 4 March 1821 at St Mary, Elland. They had 7 children

John HALSTEAD (1823-1897) married Harriet GLEDHILL (1823-1894) had 7 children
James HALSTEAD (1825-1896) married Rebecca GLEDHILL (1816-1884) had 1 child
William HALSTEAD (1829-1895 married Mary GLEDHILL (1832-1897) had 10 children
Mary HALSTEAD (1835-?) married Lewis FOX (1826-?)
Marth Ann HALSTEAD (1840-?) married Joseph WHITELEY (1841-?)
Samson HALSTEAD (1843-1900) married Hannah WALKER (1842-1911) had no children
Richard HALSTEAD (1845-1864)

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John Hanson

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