Thursday, 17 November 2011

The descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1792-1846)

Whilst starting to add the details of the marriage certificates for 1881 that I have I noticed that there was another large family group in Lancashire.

They are the descendants of Richard HALSTEAD (1792-1846) born somewhere in Lancashire (One of those annoying people who died before the 1851 census) and his wife Betty ? (1792-?). So far I have not been able to track Betty's date of death.

They had 9 children - the website current has only 8

Mary Ann HALSTEAD (1816-?)
Nancy HALSTEAD (1818-?)
Sophia HALSTEAD (1820-1883) married John ROTHWELL
Ellen HALSTEAD (1822-?) married John HINDLE
William HALSTEAD (1823-1897) married Hannah HEYS
Elizabeth HALSTEAD (1825-?) married Stephen HARGREAVES
Richard HALSTEAD (1826-1880) married Margaret TYSON
Jane HALSTEAD (1830-?) married James RATCLIFFE (was in the database as #8249)
Thomas HALSTEAD (1832-1865) married Jane ROBINSON

There are over 180 descendents in this new chart and it will be uploaded on the next website update

John Hanson

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