Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Website update

The latest release of the Halsted Research website has been released. This includes a large number of updates. It would have been released earlier had it not been for the fact that Ancestry UK released the baptisms, marriages and deaths from the West Yorkshire Records Office.

So this update includes:-
The full details of over 580 marriages that I have the certificates for have been added together with links to the "Certificates we have" page. There is a page on the website that has details of these as well as the birth and death certificates we hold copies of. There are lots more certificates to add but at present all the certificates from 1837 to 1855 and 1901-1921 are on line. I have also added on that page the details of the marriage certificates from the 1830-1837 that I have (these are all from the West Yorkshire area).

As with all family history you get certificates that you can't identify were they site in the family tree and a one-name study of this size is no exception. I have therefore added a new page to the site entitle "Unresolved marriages post 1837" If you can help to identify these people then I would be delighted to hear from you.

I complete refresh of all 37 charts - unfortunately none of them yet have been taken any further back but one of these days!.

The Plans for the next update including adding the certifactes for the period 1856-1900

John Hanson

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  1. Hello John. I must say I am quite astonished! I looked on the internet to see if I could draw up a bit of a family tree and I have come across your blog and the Halstead trust website which tracks down the Halstead name back through my family to John Halstead (born 1794) Its all there for me! If I can be any help filling in the gaps. My Dad was Edward Cecil Halstead (B 12/7/1930 d 06/10/2006) For a start there is me and my brothers. I have a child and each of them have kids too. Please feel free to email me on if I can be of any help. Many thanks. Simon Halstead