Sunday, 6 March 2011

Another Yorkshire Chart

Work has been done on yet another extensive Yorkshire branch of the Halsteads.

This time it is the descendants of John Halstead (1794-1850) and his wife Fanny ? (1797-1871). They had 11 children

William HALSTEAD (1820-1896) married Betty NORTH (1821-1885) and then Mary Hannah OXLEY (1836-1911)
George HALSTEAD (1825-1903) married Sarah Ann HINCHCLIFFE (1825-1871) and then Elizabeth BERRY (1820-1902)
Ben HALSTEAD (1826-1875) married Jane WOOD (1831-?). Following Ben's death Jane appears on the 1881 census with her children Fred, Albert, Herman, Mary, Rachel and Ellen and then they emigrated to Ontario, Canada where they can be found.
Reuben HALSTEAD (1829-1870) married Mary Ann BRIERLEY (1834-1892)
Ann HALSTEAD (1831-?) married Jesse LITTLEWOOD (1832-?)
Rachel HALSTEAD (1833-1851)
Harriet HALSTEAD (1835-?) no trace can be found of Harriet after the 1851 census
Fanny HALSTEAD (1837-?) married Adam WARING (1829-?)
Allen HALSTEAD (1839-1932) first married Clarinda DAWSON (1839-1875), then on her death he married Frances MELLOR (1835-1904) and finally married Annie YATES (1861-1911) in 1905
Sarah Ann HALSTEAD (1841-?) married Jonathan TURNER (1837-?)
John HALSTEAD (1841-1842)

Chart 37 has been created for this family containing over 170 descendants and will appear on the next website update

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