Saturday, 19 March 2011

The descendants of Thomas HALSTEAD and Martha

Work has been carried out of the tree of Thomas HALSTEAD (1807-1874) of Wiswell, Lancashire and his wife Martha ? (1808-1883) of Accrington. They married prior to 1829 and had 11children:-

1 James HALSTEAD (1829-1877) married Mary PARKER (1834-1872) and then Amelia BULCOCK
2 William HALSTEAD (1831-) married Margaret BENTLEY (1834-1867) and then Sarah GIBSON - no sign of William and Sarah can be found after their marriage in 1868
3 Betty HALSTEAD (1833-?) - Betty had two children before her marriage to James DEAN in 1879
4 John HALSTEAD (1834-1912) married Margaret DUXBURY (1837-1875) and on her death married Jane DODGEON (1841-1910)
5 Thomas HALSTEAD (1837-?) married Mary ROACH (1840-1870). No sign can be found of Thomas after the 1871 census
6 Moses HALSTEAD (1838-1912) married Eleanor Elizabeth BILLINGTON (1839-1892)
7 Nancy HALSTEAD (1841-?) married Ben TOWNEND (1829-?)
8 Mary HALSTEAD (1844-?) married James HOWARD (1848-?)
9 Edward HALSTEAD (1846-1894) - he never married
10 Margaret Alice HALSTEAD (1848-?) married Abraham KAY
11 Allen HALSTEAD (1851-1920) married Ellen GREENHAUGH (1852-1912). Ellen had previously been married to Henry FISHWICK (1856-1884)

A new chart number 38 has been added to the Lancashire Charts and will appear on the next website update

John Hanson

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  1. Thank you for compiling this, I am a descendant of this tree Thomas Halstead's son is John Halstead (1834 to 1912), he is the great great grandfather to my father John Halstead's (1936 -) born in Sheffield. My dad found this very helpful.