Thursday, 7 June 2012

Another new Yorkshire Chart

Some recent correspondence with Ian and Dawn METCALFE in Australia has lead to another new chart being created and has again allowed a number of smaller trees to be amalgamated.

This started with the family of William HALSTEAD (1782-?1862) and this wife Sarah HIRST (1786-1869).

They had 10 children - a couple of which new to the family and still remain a mystery. These are

Jsoeph HALSTEAD - born 5 December 1812 in Greeat Gomersal and baptised at St Peter, Birstall on 14 February 1813
John HALSTEAD - born 26 December 1816 in Great Gomersal and baptised at St Peter,Birstall on 16 March 1817

Do you have either of these in your tree?

The new chart is Yorkshire Chart 43 and is based on William HALSTEAD's father John HALSTEAD. No dates are currently known for John. Unfortunately none of the baptisms of his children has a wifes name. Oh for these to have been in "Dade" registered churches

John Hanson

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