Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The descendants of Joseph Halstead (1804-1876) and Mary ? (1805-1873)

I have been looking at the descendants of Joseph Halstead (1804-1876) born Sowerby, Yorkshire and his wife Mary ? (1805-1873) born Soyland, Yorkshire.

John and Elizabeth appear to have married prior to 1826 but I am not sure yet as to where. They appear to have had seven children
  1. William Halstead (1826-1890) married Sarah Berry
  2. John Halstead (1826-?) he appears on the 1841 census but no trace of him after
  3. Rachel Wilson Halstead (1828-?) married Joseph Walsh
  4. Hiram Halstead (1829-1901) married Leah Riley
  5. Sarah Halstead (1832-?) married John Howe
  6. George Halstead (1834-1876) married Grace Hollas
  7. Susey Halstead (1836-1849)
In re-constructing this family a number of groups of individuals have been merged and the resulting family group with appear as a new Yorkshire Chart-14.
All the changes will appear in the next website update

John Hanson

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